Unlocking Operational Excellence Through Data Driven Decisions & Knowing ‘Why’: Andrew’s Shared Services Journey

As the Head of People Services at an Australian bank, Andrew had a strong background in process thinking and operational management. However, he faced a significant challenge – his leadership team lacked the same acumen and sometimes struggled to view the business as a series of interconnected processes. This gap in understanding hindered their ability to identify the levers for improvement and make data-driven decisions. Internal customers were left wanting more, and even external providers experienced performance issues. Andrew knew that a change was necessary to elevate their operations management maturity and establish a reputation as a knowledgeable and data-driven shared service function.

Andrew attempted various approaches to solve the problem on his own, but simply telling his team what to do didn’t yield the desired results. The missing piece was the “why” behind the changes he sought to implement.

The COE (Core Operational Excellence) program emerged as the solution to Andrew’s challenges. He and three key leaders from his team embarked on this transformative journey together. The program fostered extensive collaboration, encouraging thought-provoking discussions that allowed them to explore what would work best for their specific context. They developed aligned plans and acquired a shared language for managing processes and understanding the levers that drive performance.

The program enabled his team to accelerate its progress towards achievement of its maturity targets through the delivery of a range of new tools, methodologies and frameworks for running the business more effectively on a day to day basis. Through the progressive application of these insights he laid the foundation for a process led transformation which integrated the customer’s perspective with their process management and eventually improved business outcomes.

Throughout the program, Andrew gained valuable insights and learnings. Despite his experience in process thinking, he discovered that there is always room for improvement and learning. The program’s design accommodated different learning speeds and styles, ensuring that participants could grasp the content effectively. What proved particularly invaluable was having internal customers participate in the program. Their presence allowed Andrew and his team to test their thinking, gather feedback, and refine their approaches. The program’s emphasis on hands-on work helped solidify the learnings and ensure their practical application.

Undoubtedly, Andrew faced some resistance from certain leaders who questioned the necessity and time commitment of the program. However, he made the decision to proceed with the willing participants. As the results began to manifest, other leaders observed the positive outcomes and eagerly joined the journey.

Andrew wholeheartedly recommends the COE program to those seeking to unlock operational excellence within their organisations: “A true indication of the success of a program is when the leaders are leading a change of behaviour in the workplace – the operations management program facilitates (with the right leadership) that change occurring in a sustainable manner.  If I could have put all of my leadership through the program I think it would have moved our changes from an evolution to a revolution, within the function”.    It provides practical, hands-on knowledge and application of operations management principles and practices, enabling sustainable improvements and continual business growth. The program’s curriculum empowers experienced leaders to adapt best practices, offering a comprehensive framework for managing and enhancing process performance.  “Anita, as the driving force behind the program, is not only a technically skilled professional but also a values-based leader in the field of operations management.”

Anita’s expertise and dedication have made a lasting impact on Andrew’s journey and the success of the organisation’s operational transformation.

Join the ranks of those who have unlocked their operational potential and witnessed remarkable improvements by embracing the COE program. Your path to operational excellence awaits, guided by Anita’s expert knowledge and the transformative power of the COE approach. Speak to Anita directly by booking a call here.

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