Think Differently – Leadership Insider Interview Series

In this week’s Leadership Insider Interview Series,  interviews Anita Cunningham on how they ‘Think Differently’.

Quality Business Services is passionately dedicated to teaching individuals and organisations how to “think differently”. In a recent interview with Kath Clarke, QBS founder, Anita Cunningham, delved deeper into what this ethos means and how it is applied in our signature Core Operational Excellence program.

At QBS, we believe in the power of best practice principles as part of a Business Excellence Framework, leading to sustained organisational improvement. Anita stressed the importance of participants conducting self-assessments and living by these principles for effective operational improvements.

But, how do we help organisations think differently? Two key methods are systems thinking and critical thinking. Systems thinking is the understanding of how every part of an organisation is interconnected, and ensuring optimisation doesn’t result in another problem elsewhere. Critical thinking, on the other hand, encourages questioning and challenging of assumptions, promoting a deeper understanding of the issues at hand.

Interestingly, many leaders who participate in our programs find that these types of thinking are not as prevalent in their organisations as they should be. As Anita puts it, these concepts, while not new, are significant gaps for our participants, and their application often leads to enlightening moments.

It is this ability to inspire a fresh perspective and the subsequent “wow” moments that set our Core Operational Excellence program apart.

Watch the full interview to hear more from Anita and to understand why “thinking differently” is the secret sauce to operational excellence. You’ll also learn more about the transformative power of our Core Operational Excellence program.

Watch now and start your journey towards thinking differently, and achieving operational excellence today.

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