Cost pressures to Driving Operational Improvement: Alan’s Experience with QBS

Alan, an executive in a large IT&T organisation, found himself facing significant challenges as the NBN (National Broadband Network) approached full rollout. Additionally, there was a strategic push for implementing lean practices within the organisation. In search of a solution to achieve goals in an organised manner and reduce his involvement in day-to-day operations, Alan turned to QBS.

Before engaging with QBS, senior executives in his organisation had engaged consultants to guide various improvement initiatives. However, these consultants provided recommendations or told leaders what to do – without fostering sustainable change or empowering the organisation’s leaders. The approach seemed costly and failed to sustainably address the underlying issues. Attempts at implementing process owners had also proved ineffective, leaving the organisation feeling stuck.

QBS, with its clever 70/20/10 design and emphasis on 360 engagement, provided the leaders with the tools and mindset needed for improvement. The program offered a profound improvement in their knowledge of the levers within their respective parts of the business. Leaders gained the ability to articulate status and problems in a data-driven manner, facilitating objective discussions that transcended emotional biases and organisational boundaries. QBS instilled a mindset for continuous improvement, enabling organic progress without Alan having to drive every initiative.

It also became evident that some individuals within the organisation were more suited to technical roles than leadership positions. As a result, personnel adjustments were made, transitioning individuals into specialist roles where their expertise could be better utilised.  

To fully embrace the benefits of QBS, the organisation had to overcome resistance from leaders who were resistant to change and stuck in traditional ways of thinking. Difficult discussions were necessary to drive the necessary transformation. Despite requiring the use of his own budget, Alan recognised that the investment was worthwhile with over 60 COE graduates and nearly 90 Introduction Operational Excellence (IOE) graduates.

Alan wholeheartedly recommends QBS to others seeking operational improvement. Over the course of five years, QBS has played a central role in driving his operational business forward. The program’s remarkable nature lies in its ability to empower leaders, enhance knowledge, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. Those who are eager to transform their organisations and achieve sustainable progress would greatly benefit from QBS.

Alan’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of QBS in enabling organisations to overcome challenges, optimise operations, and achieve long-term success. If your journey feels like Alan’s, it might be time to get a scorecard on the hard skills gaps in your business. Check out our Leadership Skills Audit here.

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