COE: A Win/Win/Win

We are often asked about the myriad of benefits our Core Operational Excellence (COE) program brings to individuals, leaders, and organisations. However, the specific advantages one can gain depends on who is asking the question! 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the numerous ways COE offers a “win/win/win”. Read on to discover how COE can transform your strategic thinking, enhance team dynamics, and drive continuous improvement, resulting in a triple whammy for all stakeholders.

Wins for the Participant:

  • Grow your strategic critical thinking skills while you develop and start delivering on your own operational improvement plan 
  • Learn and apply a much better way of managing your team – more time working on the business with less stress and improved KPI performance
  • Develop a more robust team where risk is proactively managed
  • Create a culture of collaboration, empowerment and continuous improvement in your team
  • Sharpened customer focus
  • Remove waste and optimise using collaborative systems thinking
  • Use the data from your own area to shift from anecdotes to analytics
  • Active team capability and succession plans 
  • Earn a full university qualification and pathway credits to further education

Wins for the Leader:

  • Less time working in the business to drive performance improvement – your participant is delivering on a strategic improvement plan aligned with yours
  • Less escalations and complaints, improved productivity and engagement 
  • Increased confidence in participant’s business acumen, decision making and problem-solving skills
  • Greater collaboration across teams
  • Operational risks are understood and being managed – less worry for you
  • Stronger capability development and succession plans
  • Shift from anecdotes and gut feel to analytical thinking with a laser sharp focus on the root causes
  • Streamlining and automation opportunities are being identified
  • Learn with your participant and guide them to solve the problems that need solving
  • Get feedback on your participant’s operational excellence skills and mindset
  • Share the best practices across the rest of your leadership team – a multiplier effect

Wins for the Organisation:

  • A well-executed program can deliver a 20-fold annual return on investment (in addition to outstanding graduate feedback)
  • Program graduates and their team members are lifting performance in their area
  • Continuous improvement culture is spreading out from the graduates and their team
  • Siloes are being replaced by collaborative systems thinking
  • Customer experience is improving
  • Graduates are critical thinkers who are asking better questions
  • Process efficiencies and automation opportunities are being driven by graduates instead of central improvement teams or consultants
  • Data is being used to inform decision making and improvement
  • Graduates are retained and ready for their next stretch opportunity

In a nutshell, participants elevate their skills, becoming strategic thinkers and operational improvement champions. Leaders witness incredible transformations in their teams and themselves, leading to improved productivity and collaboration. Simultaneously, organisations experience a profound cultural shift towards continuous improvement, with a substantial return on investment and a newfound focus on data-driven decision-making.

At QBS, we’re committed to fostering a culture of collaboration, empowerment, and excellence. COE is not just a program; it’s a journey that reshapes leadership, enhances team dynamics, and propels organisations toward a brighter, more efficient future. 

If your team is ready to create a future filled with strategic thinking, operational excellence, and continuous improvement, check out our Programs page now.

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